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    Mitsubishi servo motor must pay attention to the transaction after the downtime

    Mitsubishi servo motor after downtime must pay attention to matters mainly include the following:
    1, the mitsubishi servo motor maintenance detection with plastic suction nozzle of vacuum cleaner thoroughly clean servo electrical cabinet inside and outside, to ensure that the equipment around without too much dust.
    2, check all electrical connections tightness, see if there are any more abnormal discharge of each loop, whether to have taste, color, such as crack, damage phenomenon.
    3, check the mitsubishi servo motor internal connection between the cable should be correct and reliable.
    4, check grounding should be reliable, mitsubishi servo motor all contained in the ground without rust.
    5, every half a year (in) a servo motor internal cable should be tightened the coupling nut.
    6, after each maintenance mitsubishi servo motor, carefully examined for missing screws, and wires, prevent small metal objects and servo motor short circuit accident. Especially for the electric circuits of the larger changes, to ensure the electric cable connection correct, reliable, to prevent "against sending" accidents.
    7, mitsubishi servo electric resumed after the pilot downtime, should measure the servo motor (including phase shift, by-pass GuiZhu loop) insulation, should use 2500 v megohmmeter. After testing qualified insulation, to start the servo motor.
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