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    The development trend of automation equipment

    Automation system of large complete sets of equipment, also called automatic device. Refers to a machine or device in the case of a single intervention in a specified program or command automatic operation or control of the process. Therefore, automation is industry, agriculture, national defense and science and technology and modernization of the important conditions and significant signs.
    Modern production and the development of science and technology, automation technology put forward higher and higher requirements, but also provides necessary conditions for automation technology innovation. After 70 s, automation began to complex system control and advanced intelligent control development, and is widely applied to various fields such as national defense, scientific research and economy, realize the automation of larger scale, such as large enterprise integrated automation system, the national railway automatic dispatching system, the state power grid automatic dispatching system, the air traffic control system, urban traffic control system, automatic command system, the national economy management system, etc. The application of the automation equipment is from engineering to expand non-engineering fields, such as medical automation, population control, economic management automation, etc. Automation equipment to imitate human intelligence in a larger extent, robots have in industrial production, ocean development and detection has been applied in the fields of the universe, in the medical diagnosis expert system, such as geological exploration has made significant effect. Factory automation, office automation and family automation and agriculture automation will become the important content of new technology revolution, and got rapid development.
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