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    Tension controller when wiring matters needing attention

    Automatic tension control is determined directly by the tension sensor of strip tension value, then the tension data into a signal feedback back tension controller, through the signal and the tension controller pre-set value contrast, calculate the control signal, automatic control execution unit, the actual tension values with the preset tension values are equal, in order to achieve stable tension.
    Full automatic tension controller wiring diagram connection method is introduced:
    Tension control system supporting instruments in addition to the tension controller, and the tension sensor, magnetic powder brake and magnetic powder clutch and other important components.
    Tension controller wiring care instructions:
    1, the input signal, switch input and output terminals, output power and weak wires shall be far away from the power cord, power supply, such as wire in order to avoid the interference signal, and so on and so forth.
    2, note that the input signal, switch input and output terminals and the output power low voltage terminals must not be heavy current, otherwise will burn the whole instrument.
    3, in the correct wiring diagram will be connected and the tension sensor signal only if you need to pick up the double tension sensor, must pay attention to the signal cannot be wrong polarity, or display of measured values will be inaccurate.
    4, if only single tension sensor, not by tension signal input terminals must be short.
    5, tension sensor shielded wire must meet SG terminals.
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