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    Should be followed in the mitsubishi PLC system design of the main content

    Mitsubishi PLC system design should follow the main steps and content
    A, process analysis
    Insight into the process and working characteristics of control object, control requirements, and divided into control at various stages, summing up the characteristics of the stages, the stages and conversion between conditions, draw the flow chart of control flow chart or function.
    Second, select the appropriate mitsubishi PLC type and model
    When choosing PLC models, mainly consider the following points:
    1, the function of choice. For small PLC main consideration I/O extension module, A/D and D/A module, and directive function (e.g., interruption, PID, etc.).
    2, the determination of I/O points. Statistics is the switch of the control system, analog I/O points, and to consider future expansion (general and 10% ~ 20% of the amount of spare), choosing the PLC I/O points and the output specifications.
    3, the estimation of the memory. Needed by the user program memory capacity of the main with the system I/O points, control requirements, program structure length and other factors. Can press type commonly estimated: storage capacity = switch input points * 10 + switch output points * 8 + analog channel number * 100 + timer/counter number * 300 * 2 + communication interface + spare quantity.
    Three distribution, mitsubishi PLC I/O points
    Allocation of PLC input/output points, write the input/output distribution table or draw the input/output terminal wiring diagram, then carries on the PLC program design, can simultaneously control cabinet or work station design and site construction.
    Four, mitsubishi PLC program design
    For more complex control system, according to the production process requirement, draw the flow chart of control flow chart or function, and then design a ladder diagram, according to the ladder diagram again write statement table program listing, simulated debugging and modify the program, until meet the control requirements.
    Five, the design of the control cabinet or work station and field construction
    Design control cabinet and work station of the electrical layout and installation wiring diagram; All parts of the control system design of electric interlocking figure; Field wiring, according to the drawing and check.
    Six, mitsubishi PLC application system debugging
    If the control system consists of several parts, should first make local debugging, and then to the overall debugging; If the step sequence control program is more, can to block debugging, and then connect tuned.
    Seven, compile technical documents should be included
    Outer wiring diagram of programmable controller and other electrical drawings, electrical layout, schedule of electrical components, the sequential function chart, annotated ladder diagram and instructions.
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