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    Briefly about automatic control system of the main classification

    According to control principle, automatic control system is divided into open loop control system and the closed loop control system.
    Open loop control system
    In open loop control system, automatic control system output under the control of the input, the characteristics of the control precision and restrain interference are relatively poor. Open loop control system, logic control based on time sequence is referred to as a sequential control system; By the sequential control device, detecting element, actuators and is accused of industrial objects. Mainly used in mechanical, chemical, material in the process of loading and unloading transportation control and manipulator and automatic line production.
    Closed loop control system
    Closed loop control system is based on feedback principle, using the output with the expectation of deviation control system, a better control performance can be obtained. Closed loop control system is also called the feedback control system.
    According to the given signal classification, automatic control system can be divided into constant value control system, servo control system and process control system.
    Constant value control system
    The given values for the system output at a certain precision is close to the given hope value system. Such as production in the process of temperature, pressure, flow, liquid level height, such as motor speed automatic control system belongs to a constant value.
    Servo control system
    According to the request of unknown time function change, given value output follow the change of the given value. Such as following the satellite radar antenna system.
    Process control system
    Given value according to certain time function changes. Such as program-controlled machine tools.
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